Shoshannah - Hebrew (Lily, Rose)

Meggie - Apparently of Scottish origin.


My name is Shoshannah Meggie and I am currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Industrial Design program at Humber College ITAL in Toronto, Ontario. I am 23 years old and have a very artistic background. From a very young age, I gravitated towards design and engineering more than anything else.


My dad is a mechanical engineer and I remember always being fascinated by his work as a little girl. He sketched out technical drawings of the machines he wanted to build, constructed them in AutoDesk CAD, and then built them with his bare hands. He welded each piece of steel together and installed the hydraulic and electrical system all on his own. His passion and devotion to design and build is what ignited my passion and devotion to design and build.

Now, I'm not as skilled as he is so becoming a mechanical engineer wasn't really an option for me. And it took a couple program changes before I discovered industrial design. But when I found it, I knew right away that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I still get to design and build like my dad but I don't have to do anything as involved as constructing and assembling an entire bus from scratch (yes, he used to do this before I was born and it still amazes me to this day).


If I'm not designing or creating a prototype of a product, you can find me making music, painting both digitally and on a physical canvas, sketching and rendering for fun, dabbing in photography, crocheting, and whatever else I can find to keep my brain and hands occupied with.