Shoshannah - Hebrew (Rose) /

Meggie - Apparently of Irish origin.


1998 was my year. I had just exited my mother’s womb, had no plan on how I was going to live my life but I figured I’d roll with it for a while. A few years after that, I discovered this thing called “art” and fell in love immediately. It was fun, I could do almost anything I could imagine. Everyone labeled me as quiet and shy but the truth is, I actually had a lot to say. I just didn’t know how. I didn’t talk a whole lot but man was my mind cluttered and busy 24/7. Art became a way for me to express myself without using words.


Art from kindergarten to grade 12 was my number one subject. And from that young age, I knew I wanted to do this thing for the rest of my life. But then of course life happened as life often does and I abandoned my dream to explore other paths. That's when I realized that no matter which treacherous road I stumbled down, I’d never be able to escape it. I was tired of fighting it so I decided to try to make it work again.


I learned about a college named Sheridan in high school and it instantly became my dream. I knew I had to go there. June 2016, the end of highschool (thank God, what a nightmare), a lot of my classmates pursued careers in law, medicine, business, etc. But here I was, they must have thought I was crazy. “Visual and Creative Arts” was my program of choice at Sheridan. I started experimenting with digital art there. I became more comfortable with painting and sketching. Those two years were some of the best years and worst years of my life. I was encouraged by many but also discouraged as well. I had a plan but something still felt like it was missing.


I left, did a 180 and thought I could make it as a social worker (big mistake). I felt miserable doing everything that didn’t give me the freedom to create and design freely. I was miserable to the point of depression so I dropped out.


I took some time off and thought all hope was lost for me. But then, I discovered this thing called “industrial design” and it sounded like ME. I knew I had to try it. Fast forward several months later and I’m exhausted but so glad I decided to give it a try.


The journey isn’t over. Yes, I am still trying to make this art thing work despite what everyone says. I will never neuter your dog, represent you in court, remove your appendix, or do your taxes. But I sure as heck can create something that’ll change your life in a different way and I’m okay with that.


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